Your Insurance Cover and Claims Guidance

For all subcontractors engaged and contributing to receive the relevant cover

Public Liability Insurance Cover and Claims Guide

It is contractually required for all self-employed subcontractors to carry Public Liability Insurance which provides cover for your legal liability to third parties for accidental bodily injury or damage to third party property arising out of your business activities and this is due to the nature of your contract and how you work.

This is particularly relevant where you are not, and are not subject to, the right of supervision, direction or control in the manner that you provide your services and do your work. So where your payments are made to you as a self-employed subcontractor.

This equally applies where you provide your own service via a limited company that you own or have a material interest in. What we call a Limited Company Contractor (LCC). The primary insurance covers your actions and activities as an LCC however it would not automatically cover any circumstances where you might engage others to work for you where they are not individually contributing.

On the other hand where you are contractually self-employed but subject to PAYE on your income then the insurance cost is substantially lessened as the circumstances where you might be deemed responsible are also lessened. Where you have your own insurance it may be worth making your insurer aware of these circumstances as it may reduce your own insurance costs.

However in all circumstances the cover is simply there to provide protection in the event of any claim.

Should you require any more information on this please contact our Customer Service Team.

If you already have insurance cover please forward a copy of the schedule as soon as possible.

In the event of a claim we will provide you with a claim form to complete and this will be forwarded to ACM Broking who deal with all claims. In order to deal with the claim, ACM Broking will require all information and any witness statements as soon as possible.

Where we are made aware of a claim by your client, or any other party, we will always request as much information as is possible and we will always provide you with any information we receive. Where there is any dispute surrounding a claim then this will be a matter for our insurers however as your contractor we will always do our utmost to provide assistance to all parties to bring about a swift and fair conclusion to any claim.

Where there is any delay to the settlement of any outstanding invoices due to you, for example in respect of the retention of any policy excess, this will always be kept to a minimum.

For more information on our insurance brokers please visit the ACM Broking website at:

Summary of Standard Public Liability Cover

Risk Insured; Legal liability to third parties for accidental death, bodily injury or accidental damage to third party property arising out of the business. Including authorised costs and expenses incurred in administering the claim.

Limit of Indemnity; £5 million any one accident.

Territorial Limits; Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands. Including temporary visits anywhere in the world, excluding manual work in USA or Canada.

Excess; £500 each and every claim for third party property damage. £2,500 excess for third party property damage in respect of welding activities.

Principal Extensions; Legal Defence costs arising out of the Health & Safety at Work Act etc. Principals Clause.

Principal Exclusions; Work on an offshore installation. Railway safety critical work. Professional Indemnity claims.

Personal Accident Insurance Cover and Claims Guide

As a self-employed subcontractor we believe it is important that you are covered in the event of a workplace accident and with this in mind there is access to very competitive and comprehensive cover. This again is particularly important where you receive payment as a self-employed individual subcontractor as you have no direct access to payment if incapacitated. Therefore in this case cover is arranged on your behalf automatically.

If you already have this cover in place please forward on a copy of your schedule as soon as possible.

All insurances are administered by ACM Broking Ltd, who will handle your claim (for more information please visit the ACM Broking website;

In the event of a potential claim please check the information in the summary of cover below, or if you are in any doubt about your claim, please contact ACM Broking to ensure you have a legitimate claim prior to completing the form.

It is important that you are aware that your claim cannot begin until the claim form is completed in full, including your signature and that of any Medical Practitioner where relevant and medical certificates where appropriate. Please note that if you are able to provide an email address for all correspondence, this will significantly reduce the length of time taken to process the claim.

Once you have completed the claim form, please return it as soon as possible to Payco who will be able to add further information (such as earnings prior to the accident) before forwarding your claim to ACM Broking.

Once passed to ACM Broking, you will receive acknowledgement within 14 days, together with the claim handler’s full contact details. The claim will be submitted to the insurer and you will be contacted by ACM Broking again, with the insurer’s comments/decision on the claim.

Please note that with regard to claims for temporary total disablement from your normal occupation, cover does not start until after the 14th day of disablement and claims are normally paid monthly, one month in arrears.

Summary of Standard Cover

Risk Insured; Benefit payable in the event of an accident occurring during the period of insurance resulting in death or disability to an insured person.

Operative Time; Whilst carrying out their occupation or commuting to and from usual place of work and home.

Accidental Death £125,000.

Benefits; Total organic paralysis, total loss of intellectual capacity, Loss of sight in both eyes, loss of or loss of use of an arm, hand or leg above the knee, £125,000.

Loss of sight in one eye, total Loss of Hearing in both ears, loss of or loss of use of a leg below the knee, a foot or wrist, Loss of Speech, £62,500

Loss of or loss of use of, a hip, knee or ankle, £50,000. A thumb, £31,250. A shoulder or elbow, £25,000. Any finger or a big toe, £12,500. Any other toe, £6,250.

Damage to internal organs resulting in loss of use of; lung, £62,500. Kidney, £18,750. Spleen, £12,500.

Total loss of hearing in one ear, £12,500.

Facial disfigurement provided the permanent scarring affects at least 20% of the facial area, £2,500.

Benefit for any Permanents Disability not noted above will be calculated on a medical assessment by the Company of the degree of disability relative to this scale without reference to the Policyholder’s occupation, £62,500.

Temporary total disablement from usual occupation (excluding cover for first 14 days). Maximum benefit 75% of weekly earnings up to one year up to £300 per week.

Fracture of a leg, arm, shoulder, wrist, hand (excluding fingers) foot (excluding toes), skull, ribs, dislocation of shoulder, hip, ankle or elbow, up to £1,200.

Extensions;Hospital Confinement; if confined to hospital following an accident for 7 days or more, £30 per day (up to one year).

Principal Exclusions; Suicide, attempted suicide or intentional self inflicting injury. Whilst under the influence or alcohol, drugs or solvents. Flying as a pilot or crew members. Member of armed forces. War in United Kingdom or between major powers or in a war area. Disabilities arising from Repetitive Strain Injury or any gradually operating cause. Post traumatic stress disorder or any psychological or psychiatric condition

We hope the above claims guidance for Public Liability and Personal Accident is of assistance but should you have any questions that have not been addressed above then please do not hesitate to contact ACM Broking on 01923 894360.

Insurance is deemed to be in place in any week where your payment summary shows that you have paid the relevant premium. Payment information will be made available to our broker in the event of any claim.