Posted on May 31st, 2017

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Call Back Requests

Entry DateNamePhoneBrief summary of your query/question
September 11, 2020alan mcferran07938120657

Registration working for land and sea

September 8, 2020Casey Barber(985)-516-6816

Payroll didn’t go through need to speak with Christina Jade. Thanks

September 7, 2020Mike Ewen07751064791

Hi Payco,

I've not worked for some time but have a short term contract with a new agency now and would like to get up and running again please.


September 4, 2020Steven/Casey Barber985-516-6816

Payroll for this week

September 1, 2020Mircea Cristian Gherescu07440096868

Hi , i am an employee for AGR advance global recruitment and they had told me to contact you in order to be paid before leaving on the ship.
In order for us to make payments to you, you will be required to set up with one of our preferred payroll providers before you travel.

Please contact them directly to arrange setting up before travel:
Thats the exact mail from them.

August 28, 2020Shaun Denny07748775332


August 21, 2020Roxana Mihaela Nicolau07497900517

Payment method

August 18, 2020Roxana Mihaela Nicolau07497900517

New registration with PayCo services.

August 12, 2020Andrew morgan07565322135

Wages seem wrong

August 3, 2020Jamie07507001795

Relates to charges

August 3, 2020Florin Irimia+40752822946

Good Day! I need to know if I have to register with you again. I was registered with you in November 2019. I work with AGR. Contact person Colin Manson. Thanks. My email address is

July 29, 2020Guy07378887344

Call please

July 28, 2020Guy Kiangebeni07378887344

Email to send my passport

July 27, 2020David Stewart07546188926

I work for maxwell bruce and looking to find out if you have my details for payment on friday

July 24, 2020Pieter Dancet07881208733

Update on status payments. PG Global Malta agency, and myself as Ltd. Company (Dancet Survey Solutions).

July 22, 2020Christopher Luckins07818663915

Pay problems, over billed and extra fees added to payslips!

Multiple problems with Payco since using them, ready to take business elsewhere and advise others to follow!

July 22, 2020David Copley07503654784

I worked through Payco a good few years ago and was forced to go Limited company when the Labour party changed the tax laws. I am now semi retired having had to cash my pension in to get me through this plague that we are suffering. I don't like being a limited company and want to revert back to working through Payco. Once I have spoken to one of Payco's representatives and discover just what my options are should one be suitable for me I will instruct my accountant to wind my company up. I have also left my details on your answering service. I look forward to hearing from you soon as I need this advice ASAP.
Thank you.

July 17, 2020Paul Odonnell07544028499

my pay

July 9, 2020Zeremariam Kiflit07931927896

Work letter

June 30, 2020David Galli+393932003878

Need to fill in registration form,


June 29, 2020Ovidiu Moldovan07768307849

Hi, I'm a self-employed construction electrician. Last year (at some point) I've worked via Dutton recruitment agency and got pays thru Payco. Now I must do my tax return and I wonder if you guys could email me the statement of earnings, please. PX 04 77 49B. Thank you

June 25, 2020James Irving07903049040

Hi there

I may have some work for James fisher rumic coming up there sent me you details. I live in South Africa I get paid in the UK and the job is in Japan.

I would like to know more about the services you provide.

Many thanks


June 18, 2020Leigh Perry07517959700

Please can you pay me this week

June 1, 2020Greg Jackson07523211279

Not getting my wage slip at

May 27, 2020Jack Foster07402028444

I worked for you last year self employed and I need a p45 or statement of earning for this years tax could you please ring me to sort this out

Entry DateNamePhoneBrief summary of your query/question