Currently we are able to offer our agency clients;

1. Registration and set up process.

2. One single invoice from us instead of having to obtain and administrate an individual invoice from each PSC.

3. One payment to us leaving the administrative responsibility for payment to us.

4. Full check of limited entity to ensure it exists, is current, is what it says it is, is up to date with all its liabilities and (if VAT registered) that its VAT number is correct and up to date. HMRC are clear that if you pay VAT to an incorrect, fraudulent, expired or non-existent VAT number then this amount will be disallowed from any return so it is the payer who is out of pocket. It is worth noting that in the budget new rules were announced for the construction industry that will reverse the liability on VAT and this too will likely require another layer of checks and administration.

We are able to offer limited company contractors;

1. Self-bill invoicing, we issue your invoice for you and provide it to you on payment fully receipted so you simply need to keep it for year-end or pass it to your accountant at the appropriate time.

2. Access to insurance and top up insurance. Whilst we know you can normally obtain normal levels of Public Liability etc where you are on a contract that is more onerous or where a contract requires a higher level of cover then that can be difficult and expensive. Engaging with us gives you access to the insurance pools we have available for self-employed and limited contractors.

3. Assistance with issues and ease of setting up with a new work provider. We work the same hours as your Agency Clients and understand what they need. Also should there be any issues we can assist and be on hand to work through any problem.