Payco Employment Plus Benefits

Payco Employment Plus
B&CE pension scheme
B&CE accident cover Loss of sight in one or both eyes
Loss of hearing in one or both ears
Loss of hand or foot
Loss of arm or leg
Loss of big toe
Loss of any other toe
Loss of thumb
Loss of index finger
Loss of any other finger
Total disablement 12 months or over
Total disablement 24 months or over
Total disablement that is permanent
B&CE life cover Life cover
Accidental death benefit
BHSF Dental 100% up to £50
Dental trauma 100% up to £200
Optical 100% up to £50
Diagnostic consultation 100% up to £150
Therapies inc physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, homeopathy, refelxology & accupuncture 100% up to £150
Diagnostic scans (policy holder only) up to 100%
Telephone helpline
GP consultation service
Private prescription service
Gym membership (adult benefit only)
Network benefits (adult only) includes saving money on your weekly shop, highstreet fashion, eating out, DIY, offers on travel and leisure