This can be very beneficial if you don’t do all your work through agencies or you
are not always subject to supervision, direction and control and where it is important for
you to retain and maintain your self-employed status. You are deemed as an employee for tax
purposes, but only for tax purposes and therefore your income is subject to PAYE.

Self-Employed Status

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As you are paid PAYE we work hard to make sure that you take home the highest proportion of your gross pay by allowing you to maximise your own legitimate expenses. We make sure you are paid right, first time, on time and send you a text message to confirm the exact amount of each payment. There are no hidden costs as payco PAYE retains a basic £15.00 from the monies received from the provision of services to cover our operating costs. (This can work out as around £8.00 net of tax)

In addition all our subcontractors have access to our insurance/benefits package at a cost of £4.50 per week and should you have your own insurances we can reduce this by up to £1.50 for each. There is no cost to you when you set up with us or when you are not working.

However in all other aspects you remain self-employed and therefore where you have your own pension arrangements we will not be forced to start another unnecessary one for you. Also you are free to determine whether or when you take a holiday or other time off so for example if you are unexpectedly busy around Christmas then we won’t be causing problems by requiring you to take holidays when you would much prefer to have a break in January.

Detailed guidelines into the expenses you can claim are available and you can claim legitimate expenses for travel, day subsistence, accommodation etc incurred wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of your employment duties on a temporary assignment. Details concerning qualification and of the host of other expenses you may be eligible to claim are available in our guidelines.

As we have not and do not enter into any individual dispensations, we provide the option to claim the HMRC nationally agreed mileage and day subsistence allowances. Then for ultimate peace of mind all other legitimate expenses are backed by a receipt.

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