Payco Employment

Working with the STR Group

Full employment with all the benefits; holiday pay choices, an award winning pension and much more.

Payco Employment; Our Margin; £11.75

Includes same day faster payment, multiple payrolls and access to emergency advance payments. Assistance with expense options/rules and application where applicable. Consistency of one employer and payment source. Text messaging to confirm pay, immediate electronic pay summary. Access to all statutory benefits, an award winning Pension and any required or requested insurances.

Payco Services are delighted that our Employment option has been chosen as one of those available on your Approved Supplier List. So why should you choose Payco…

Professional Expertise

We’ve been around for 17 years, but not only that, we have Staff dating back all that time and our current average length of service is well over 7 years. Also we can trace consistent relationships with our legal and compliance advisors back as far as 2003 and have worked with the Peoples Pension since it began and their parent company, the B&CE, for around 8 years.

Clarity, Transparency and Honesty

We keep everything simple and transparent. It starts with our website, our on-line portal and through to our information and paperwork. We “tell it like it is” and this ethos runs through our whole company.


Given our absolute emphasis on compliance we have always ensured that everyone is fully aware of what we do and how we do it. This reduces calls and issues for everyone concerned.


We make sure that all our employees get access to everything relevant and that includes expenses. The way we work and the knowledge within our company means where it is appropriate and legitimate to benefit from expenses or anything else, like our award winning pension option, we will make sure they have access to it.

Faster, Faster Payment!

And access to multiple pay runs. As a result of our constantly updating processes and the efficiency of our working systems we are able to process payments earlier and earlier allowing us to text pay details and send our faster payments at the earliest possible time.

Designated Teams & Systems to Support as Required

These are in place to ensure all our clients have full support in all areas as and when required. Our teams work together to ensure smooth running from registration right through to payment process. Our systems and processes allow us to keep you informed at each stage and can be adapted to your needs.