Self Employed / CIS

This is relevant to where the engagement can pass the test of no supervision, direction or control in the manner the services are performed and no contractual right.

Where appropriate it offers the total flexibility of self-employed status and payment subject only to Construction Industry Scheme regulation (CIS) if the work undertaken is within CIS rules.

Payco Direct has always stood for less paperwork, regular income and most of all compliance and service. We have always prided ourselves on our compliance and work very hard with our tax advisors to ensure our status as contractor is compliant, but most importantly your subcontractors’ self-employed status is protected.

Self-Employed Status

Less Paperwork

Fully Compliant

Access to all and any necessary insurances cover

All compliance covered. Self-bill invoicing. Text message confirmation and emailed payment summary for each payment. Access to all and any necessary insurances cover which is flexible so the operative only pays for it when they need it.

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