A brief introduction

to Payco Services

This is a brief introduction to Payco Services and we hope the Q&A will help answer any initial questions.

Payco are approved as a supplier to STR Group and we’ve worked together for a number of years. When you agree to start on an assignment you can do so working for us.

We specialise in engaging with anyone who finds some or all of their work on contracts through recruitment agencies. You receive plenty of information as we always want to make sure you know exactly what you are doing but we have answered a few of the most basic questions below.

Who do I actually work for?

You work for us, you have a contract with us and we pay you for the work you do. The contract you work on will be to complete an assignment for a client of STR.

STR have used their specialist skill to find the right person for their client and STR allow us to offer our skills to provide you with the relevant engagement subject to all employment and tax rules. The most important thing for us is that you understand what we do, why we do it and that your choice to work for us really works for you.

Who pays me and how?

We pay you because you work for us. How much we pay you depends on how much it is agreed we are paid by STR.

Why would I want to work for you?

We specialise in engaging people who work on assignments through employment agencies. So we are happy for you to stay with us regardless of who your assignment is with. We can help with many different aspects of different contracts, we offer the consistency of one employer and the best opportunities available to employees working as you do. The access we provide to a genuine not for profit, award winning pension scheme is a good example of this. Also, not least, we always work with you on any legitimate options that exist to make the best of your employment.

Ok, So as I get started who do I speak to if I need anything?

It really depends what you need. If you need to know anything about your engagement, tax or employment then speak to us. Anything about payment, banks, invoicing or anything like that it is always us.

If you need anything relevant to the services you are going to provide then it is STR. If you are not sure you can try either company, we work closely together so we will soon get the matter sorted.

Who actually pays for all this?

STR are specialists in their markets and use this skill to agree the charge to their Clients for all the costs associated with any assignments you might work on. The Client pays STR and STR pay us. The rate that STR can agree with you, where you are working for us or any other company on their Approved List is the rate payable to us and takes into account that we will always have to take our costs from the money we receive. We work hard to keep company costs very low and these costs include our employer costs and our profit margin.