Working for payco employment enables you to work for a company that works for
you and offers full employment with all income taxed as appropriate at source under
paye as well as, we believe, a unique package of benefits and advantages that go with it.

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We work hard so that you take home the highest proportion of your gross pay by allowing you to maximise your own legitimate expenses. We make sure you are paid right, first time, on time and send you a text message to confirm the exact amount of each payment. There are no hidden costs as payco employment only retains a basic £19.50 per week from the monies received from the provision of services to cover our operating costs. (This works out as little as £10.50 net of tax)

You get access to a pension via the Governments auto-enrolment scheme and you get to choose whether you want your holiday pay in with your pay or accrued so that you can be paid any accrual when you take a holiday.

Some umbrella companies advertise that they have a dispensation that means you can claim set amounts instead of having to remit a weekly claim with receipts. Obviously this can look tempting but we understand that, particularly with the wide range of industries that umbrella companies can cover, there are too many different workers working in too many different environments for one rule to possibly fit all. If HMRC withdraws a dispensation from an umbrella employer they could demand a tax bill the umbrella cannot pay so leading to all manner of possible implications for you as a worker.

Payco employment avoids all of these pitfalls. As we have not and do not enter into any individual dispensations, we provide the option to claim the HMRC nationally agreed mileage and day subsistence allowances. Then for ultimate peace of mind all other legitimate expenses are backed by a receipt.

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