Although there are now likely only a small proportion of contracts where we will be able to
pay individuals in full on receipt of an Invoice it is important that you know that where this is
applicable we retain it as an option.

Self-Employed Status

Less Paperwork

Fully Compliant

Payco direct has always stood for less paperwork, regular income and most of all compliance and service. We have always prided ourselves on our compliance and work very hard with our tax advisors to ensure our status as contractor is compliant, but most importantly your subcontractors’ self-employed status is protected.

Payco direct enters into contract for the supply of services with our agency clients and invoices them for those services. From the monies received we retain a profit margin of £15.00 (approximately £11.00 net of tax) and the remainder is paid to you, our subcontractor. In addition all our subcontractors have access to our insurance/benefits package at a cost of £6.95 per week and should you have your own insurances we can reduce this by up to £2.00 for each. There is no cost to you when you set up with us or when you are not working.

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