We are sending you this guidance as you have completed an expense claim and in so doing have confirmed that you reasonably expect to work on more than one separate work site during the individual assignment you are currently working on. The assignment is the work you have agreed to do, or are expecting to do for the Client you are working for now.

In this additional guidance we have set out a summary of our company audit procedure and process. This is so that you are aware of our processes in advance should we need to contact you to discuss your claim and is in line with our operating policy of open and transparent working.

Payco Services Audit Procedure.

As your engager all agreements to process expenses remain entirely at our discretion and we take our compliance very seriously and as such we operate an audit process, as we are expected to do for HMRC. This process is important and is for the benefit of your compliance as well as ours. We have set out a brief summary of the process below so that as and when you are asked for any information you can appreciate that it is a normal but necessary part of the Company’s processes.

On receipt check (all claims)

We carry out an “on receipt check” of all claims to include name, address, Agency and Client, the date/period to which the expenses relate and that the declarations are correctly signed. In addition we will check receipts have been submitted where required.

Second level check (Minimum 10% of all claims)

This check is carried out on at least 10% of claims and is at our discretion, it is designed to audit the details of the claim and should we need further information to achieve this we may well contact you and/or your agency. As previously stated this is a necessary process and therefore your immediate assistance will always be important.

The audit will confirm you are travelling to/working on a temporary work site, so it will confirm that you expect to work at a different site for your current Client during your current assignment and whether the time you will spend at the current site is likely to be less than 24 months.

Any mileage claim will be checked to ensure that the distances claimed are correct. We use an on-line route planner and provided the claim is within 10% of the route planner it is allowed. Otherwise it may be necessary to seek confirmation from you as to why a longer route is/was necessary.

Any day subsistence claim benchmark scale rates will be checked to the timesheet/estimated travel time to ensure sufficient time has been spent working away from home.

Where receipts have been provided in relation to any claim the audit will check the date of the claim, check the amount of the claim and check the relevance of the claim.

Where receipts are for meals and/or accommodation we will check a proportion of the claims either via an internet search or by contacting the hotel/restaurant. In respect of any other claim we likewise check to ensure the voracity of the claim so this may require us to ask you to quantify work from home or confirm laundry arrangements or any other such relevant to the claim you have made.

Finally where we need to clarify any discrepancies we will always contact you. This will cover the details of any issue or what information is missing. We will tell you why any part of the claim will or may be disallowed and we will let you know what information should be included in future.

Payco Services must at all times reserve the right to determine the consequences of illegitimate or excessive claims and where we identify an excessive claim we will carry out further “second level” checks in subsequent weeks. Continued abuse of our expense process could lead to disciplinary action (where appropriate) and/or termination of contract.

However our policy is always to educate and assist and so for more information on the status of your expense claims please reference our Expense Guidance with our Welcome pack and our further guide; “Allowing and Paying Expenses”. In addition please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at any time on 0845 1300 551 or by e-mailing us