If you would like a contact call to the operative in the first instance to introduce PAYCO and review which option is the right one for them we require an email from you with their contact details on which we can then provide an update back to you on the status of the registration. Depending on how many registrations you have, we find that one or two emails a day with multiple registrations on works best and allows us to report back to you without numerous emails to keep track of but we are happy to work with what suites you best.

Alternatively if the operative is happy to register without a call, they can go to our Website and find information on the service we provide and they can then register from there.

Our online registration is the most efficient method to register however, we can arrange forms directly if preferred.

Ideally we like to have operatives registered with us no later than close of business Tuesday of the first week they are due payment however we appreciate there can be reasons on occasion when this is not possible and as such we can work with you to set an individual up either from information you may have and can complete online or we can verbally register individuals in the first instance which is then followed up with the relevant paperwork.

All new registrations will receive a welcome document within 24 hours of joining which covers how we operate and what our processing structure is.


We have an online portal for submission of Expenses Forms which the operative can set up following registration with us. Forms can also be forwarded via post and fax if preferred.

The online portal is the most efficient method as this allows the operative to keep track of their claims and can also pre-populate information if the claim is the same as a previous week which saves time.

All expense forms should be with us by close of business on Tuesday of the week they are due to be paid to guarantee payment that week. Again, we appreciate this is not always possible dependent on how the week may work for some operatives (night shifts / weekend work etc.) therefore, we are happy to work with individuals where this may cause an issue. Any expenses which do miss the deadline will be processed on the following week and any offset will be processed accordingly.