Where our contract with you allows, we offer all operatives as wide a choice of options as is possible. That way no one can come back to you saying “I didn’t realise I had to do that and I wouldn’t have worked that way if I’d known…”. We all know It’s never normally the case but you are still very lucky if you haven’t heard it so no one working for Payco Services has any vested interested in how an operative chooses to work or be paid so guaranteeing everyone a totally free choice from those available.


Payco have adopted a unique approach to our options and opportunities. We keep everything both as simple and transparent as possible, starting with our website and all through in our on-line portals, brochures and paperwork. So as you will see below this clarity runs through our whole company from early texts and payments to our simple cost and working structure.

Competitive Rates

Payco offers all operatives a great deal. There are no hidden costs as Payco will always be transparent about our operating costs.

Designated Teams + Systems to Support As Required

We have designated teams in place to ensure all our clients have full support on all areas as and when required. Our teams work together to ensure the smooth running of your requirements from registration right through to payment being processed.

Compliance & Welcome Information

Given our absolute emphasis on compliance we always ensure that all operatives are fully aware of what we do and how we do it. This allows the operatives to make the best of the choices they make. We constantly update how we provide joining information to all operatives and we provide a “Welcome” email and on-going support and information to all new employees/operatives and subcontractors.

Summary of Benefits


Fully Compliant


Pension Auto-Enrolment


Fully Online Registration


Bespoke Online Expenses Portal


Right to work checks


Automated payment text messages


RTI/CIS Submissions


Same Day Faster Payments

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